• Breathe


    Director zac norrington - Country: USA

    In 1983, Julie Ridge became the first person to swim two consecutive laps around the Island of Manhattan (earning her a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show). Now living in Manhattan and working as a clinical social worker with over 25 years of experience, she dives into her memories of struggling with bipolar. BREATHE explores her re...

  • Bubble


    Director Mahmood Arib - Country: Iran

    Narrative of migration from home to nowhere

  • Elefsis


    Director Takis George Bardakos - Country: Greece

    A collection of still shots, of the inhabitants of the port of Eleusis. People have reach their destination in front of the Sea of Eleusis scenary, against the horizon lines, resembling a kind of purification process. Time stops here and it is becoming of abstract meaning: There is no "past", no "future", just "eternal present".

  • I saw a city

    I saw a city

    Director Stelios Efstathopoulos - Country: Greece

    I saw a city, which unexpectedly lost its sounds. Only the hum of the air remained. A city that exists on the fringes of our gaze. We move past it like the wind. While wandering around the city, I stumble across short every day stories, starring anonymous passers-by. This wandering reveals a new reality which leads us down a whole different p...

  • Life Long Day

    Life Long Day

    Director Saber Ansari - Country: Greece

    With his particular painting and filmic form Saper Ansari invites us to guess the subject of his story. This film was created within the european project Speak Up Media For Inclusion funded by ERasmus plus. Karpos the greek partner of the projector designed and implemented audiovisual workshops for young refugees. In the end of the workshops ...

  • Posidonies


    Director Antis Iakovou, Evie Demetriou - Country: Cyprus

    “Posidonies” is a dace film conceived by dance maker Evie Demetriou and underwater lover Antis Iakovou. Posidonies is borrowed from the Greek translation of the word Posidonia (plural). Through a poetic lense and inspired by the notion that pocedonia oceanica is the lung of the mediterannean sea, the film uncovers two parallel stories in whic...

  • The Asia Minor Catastrophe

    The Asia Minor Catastrophe

    Director George Chatzivasileiou - Country: Greece

    Animated short documentary about "The Asia Minor Catastrophe" in 1922. It presents in 10 min the big picture of the complicated, compact, and cosmopolitan history of Smyrna around 1922. The most tragic story of recent Greek history. The film was funded by the Municipality of Kalamaria that received a lot of refugees after the Minor Asia Destr...

  • The Flow

    The Flow

    Director Yulia Pikhotska - Country: Ukraine

    Anxiety is felt around, everyone is waiting for war. Soon the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine begins, so the author returns home. Here the war is an echo of the main battles. And it turns life into a flow that can stop at any moment, and the fear from childhood becomes a reality. But the flow will continue.


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