• A Burst of Song

    A Burst of Song

    Director Lia Beltrami - Country: Italy

    The Golden Lion winner in Venice, Lia Beltrami, presents a story in the slums of Calcutta, where three girls manage to save themselves and pursue their dreams. "When my heart is hard and dry, come down to me, O my Lord, with a rain of indulgence. When grace is lost from life, come to me with an outburst of singing. When the noise of wo...

  • Azadi


    Director Jean Behrad - Country: Canada

    Mehran is a Kurdish woman who participated in the 24-day war in Iran. The war is known as the 1979 Kurdish uprising in Iran.

  • Black Canvas

    Black Canvas

    Director Shirin Ekhlasi - Country: Iran

    Mohamed, a refugee from Guinea who has fled his country due to his opposition to the Guinean government, is seeking a good, new life in Germany. Although he lost his pregnant wife along the way, he tries to forget his past by learning how to paint. While everything seems to be going well, some obstacles are being placed in the way of his stay...

  • Digital Champions leading the fight against FGM in Tanzania

    Digital Champions leading the fight against FGM in Tanzania

    Director Steven Hervieu - Country: Tanzania

    Girls at risk of FGM in Mara, Tanzania live in very remote villages, far from the rule of law. Digital Champions help map these villages to ensure girls can be found quickly, especially in the middle of the night when most calls for urgent help are received, particularly during the “cutting season”. They also educate their communities and rep...

  • How to train an antihero

    How to train an antihero

    Director Yannis Bletas - Country: Greece

    Antihero: he is the protagonist who has no conventional heroic abilities and is pathologically dependent on someone else. A group of young antiheroes with disabilities try to get acquainted with acting in depth and decide to attend classes in a theater workshop. In these lessons they get to know themselves, their bodies, a theatrical space a...

  • Oblivion


    Director Evangelos Krikonis - Country: Greece

    Christos was born in a small village in northern Greece, Sklithro. Born in 1927, my grandfather has experienced up close all of Greece's modern history, poverty, World War II, civil war, exile and ideological racism due to his political beliefs when he returned to Greece. In the film he shares the circumstances and stories that marked his l...

  • Rector


    Director Lester Platt - Country: USA

    Mark tells us the story of how he survived that rough ride of being a drug addict, how he found himself fighting to survive, finding friendship and love on the way up.

  • Saman


    Director Sohrab Kavir - Country: Iran

    This film documents Saman’s final attempt to convince his father, an army lieutenant, to get him treatment in America and new development that changes their entire family forever.

  • Speechless Memory

    Speechless Memory

    Director Rena Danilouli -Katerina karpouzi - Country: Greece

    Kyriaki, a descendant of Slavophones of Macedonia, describes through family stories and personal experiences, all these reasons that lead her to a search for identity. Speaking two languages and having different feelings for each one, she flips through her family album and lets us take a sneak peek at the history of her place.


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