Il Pittore della Tenda

Palermo, 1969. A strange large green tent fills Politeama square. Inside, many canvases express pain, rage, subjugation, a desire for justice. These are the works of the young farmer Emanuele Modica and represent his protest against the Mafia: his peaceful revenge against those who took his father’s life. From this grief the artist was actually born, “the painter of the tent” who has since then been exhibiting his paintings on Italian squares, in the shadow of this tent which for 30 years has also been his home. Over the years Modica has obtained notable success, has been appreciated by artist critics and culture experts in the whole of the peninsul , and nowadays his provocative exhibitions are still remembered. Despite this he has continued to live behind the scenes, living his unusual artistic experience, one with a mission, to the full: fighting mafia through art.   

Emanuele Modica is 80 today and lives far away from that same Sicily which didn’t recognize the value of this art and messahge in the seventies. For the last 16 years his tent has been lying and getting dusty in his museum house in the province of Parma, thousands of km away from his homeland. Until one day he decides to travel back to where everything began, despite his age.

His Sicilian comeback is a journey back in time during which the aged artist tells his own true and unique story.

Director: Renato Lisanti

Writer: Renato Lisanti, Salvo Taranto

: Renato Lisanti

Runtime: 72´

Country of Origin: Italy

Year: 2018


Gytheio 18/1 (21:00)
Argos 19/1 (21:00)
Tripoli 22/1 (17:00)
Sparti 23/1 (20:00)
Amaliada 26/1 (19:30)
Xylokastro 26/1 (21:00)
Patra 24/1 (19:30)
Kalamata 26/1 (20:00)

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