Hondar 2050 – Οur waste, our problem

Hondar 2050 – Τα απορρίμματά μας, πρόβλημά μας

Carlos, a Basque plastic artist, likes surfing in his own beach. When he gets out from the water, he uses to pick up some pieces of plastic litter, which he finds between the rocks, and to bring them to his workshop. One day, he realizes he has accumulated a lot of thrash, litter with different ages and origins, which got the common trait offending into the same beach. Little by little, Carlos starts to raise his own awareness and to research why and how these materials reach the ocean. At the very same time, as to express his frustration, with this accumulated thrash he starts to create a series of art pieces. Traveling through the coast, Carlos will understand that to change the situation, it is necessary to change what happens inside one own self, of his own automatic habits.

Director: Cesare Maglioni

Writer: Cesare Maglioni

: Cesare Maglioni

Runtime: 45´

Country of Origin: Italy

Year: 2017


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