Happy princes

Happy princes

Out of the heart of a favela in Rio up to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer, the art of theatre spreads the wings of a group of children for a free flight over their fears, their dreams, and the extreme contradictions of their home city where guns and drums are beating on the same frenzied rhythm.

Βest Feature Documentary Award at “Atlantic International Film Festival 2019”, Colombia

Best Greek feature Documentary Award at “Ierapetra International Documentary festival 2019”

Best Foreign Documentary Award at”Budapest Independent Film Festival 2019″, Hungary

Best Feature Documentary Award at “Oslo Independent Film Festival 2018”, Norway

Director: Panos Deligiannis

Writer: Natasa Segou, Panos Deligiannis, Sotiris Karamesinis

Production: Argiris Papadimitropoulos

Runtime: 82´

Country of Origin: Germany, Greece 

Year: 2018


  • Gytheio 18/1 (19:30)
  • Argos 19/1 (18:00)
  • Kalamata 20/1 (17:00)
  • Tripoli 20/1 (17:00)
  • Patra 20/1 (17:00) 
  • Xylokastro 26/1 (18:00)


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