FOR NO REASONS meetings with Giorgos Maniatis

FOR NO REASONS meetings with Giorgos Maniatis

Giorgos Maniatis (1939-2018), legionnaire in Algeria at 18, author and later a musician, defines himself as a “public enemy”. This film isn’t his biography. It seeks the adventure of his soul, an inflammatory conscience in constant alert that immolates itself. “Life changes by those who change their lives,” he says. “What irritates Maniatis all the time… is simply overstepping the bounds. …He seeks, above all, to crystallize those moments where man feels really available, when he knows in depth his own abilities. …His book incorporates, in the most organic way, the adventure of his soul. This quest for a firestorm during action, this depreciation of the restless and not of the adamant characteristics of man, this frenzy and the alcoholism of the constant movement, is essentially the protagonist of the book -and perhaps its writer himself.” These comments by critic A. Zira, written about the reprint of the “Legion” in 1990 by Estia, relate to a great extent to the aura that the recorded material of our meetings with Maniatis exudes. This is what we want to be the ultimate sense of our film for the viewer.

Director/: Stavros Psillakis 

Runtime: 98′

Country of Origin:  Greece

Έτος Παραγωγής: 2019


  • Argos 18/1 (19:00)
  • Tripoli 22/1 (21:00)
  • Kalamata 27/1 (19:30)
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