• Extra time / 102

    Extra time / 102

    Director MARINA STYLIANOS STAMATI - Country: Greece

    Anthropological record of a totemic old age man living in the limbic gap of materials and symbolic rituals concerning a transitory post-secular potential departure.


    Geosonic #1 Atlantic

    Director Andrés Mahía - Country: Spain

    The ocean isn’t just the habitat of fish, cetacean, seaweed and other living creatures. It is the way of living of many villages and cities, a trade route, a space for leisure, a source of wealth and also of tragedy. The ocean is a lifestyle, an identity. The Atlantic many times determines us as Galicians, but it also has its own identity, an...


    Hi Papa

    Director Zsuzsi Konrád - Country: Hungary

    Zsuzsi Konrád, daughter of the famous writer, György Konrád made a documentary about their relationship one year before he died. Her goal is to tear down the unapproachable idol and simply be next to each other as father and daughter. Their clumsy attempt to make connection is imbued with love.



    Director Nickolas Papadimitriou, Nikoleta Paraschi - Country: Greece

    In the film Rooms with a view, we observe a building in the heart of Athens transforming from a space traditionally occupied by goldsmiths into a luxurious boutique hotel. During our stay we come to experience three different levels of coexistence.

  • Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)

    Sex Relish (a solo orgasm)

    Director Ananda Safo - Country: France

    In this endless pandemic area, where our sexuality has sometimes had to evolve, has been tested, women from different backgrounds offer their intimate testimonies, addressing their desires and pleasures in solitude.

  • Thaleia, missing the

    Thaleia, missing the "e"

    Director Thodoris Ioannidis - Country: Greece

    The diploma film Thalia with iota presents the life of Takis Moschopoulidis. Takis immerses us in his world which is consisted of alcohol and wooden constructions similar to those of modeling craftsmen. With his hands covered with glue and his mouth busy smoking constantly cigarettes, he shows absolute devotion to his artistic creations. He n...

  • The Elders

    The Elders

    Director Núria Ubach Vilà, Marta Codesido Martinez, Ulrika Andersson, Dubi Cano Reyes - Country: Spain

    The daily walk of three old women from Cabrianes is altered by the sudden death of one of them. Meanwhile, the celebration that reward the oldest person in town is approaching.

  • The inventor

    The inventor

    Director Anastasios Stamnas, Magdalene Alexandri, Fotios Pangalos - Country: Greece

    The film "The Inventor" refers to the life of George Paraponiaris, a carrier from Kalamata, as described by his daughters Alexandra and Tasia.

  • The Sign of Doom

    The Sign of Doom

    Director Enggar Asfinsani - Country: Indonesia

    The pandemic has changed many things. Including Alfia, she is a teacher who learns a lot from the phenomena she sees. For Alfia, garbage is no longer appropriate to be disposed of in its place.

  • Where the Dreams are Waiting

    Where the Dreams are Waiting

    Director Uli Bez - Country: Germany

    From a young age, Eleni Tsakmaki's life challenged her with great hardships. The dream of a self-determined life was denied to her. At the age of 5 she witnessed cruel NaziGerman occupation. At the age of 17 she is forced into an arranged marriage. At 23, she and her husband come to Germany as so called "guest worker" and have to leave their ...


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