Delta 7even

Delta 7even

Heart-breaking yet warm and unexpectedly funny, DELTA 7EVEN is the story of an eccentric post-punk band made up of adults with learning disabilities, and the events following the tragic news that a band-mate has taken his own life.Featuring the band's original music, this observational documentary is a timely and unique insight into the ripple-effect of losing a loved one to suicide, and the vastly different ways in which people grieve.  

Filmed over the course of a year, both before and immediately after the tragedy, the film follows the band as they face their grief head-on and turn it into a united strength, self-belief and desire to continue. 

A life-affirming celebration of neurodiversity and inclusion, DELTA 7EVEN offers a unique look into group dynamics and the refusal to live a life dictated by stereotypes. 

Overcoming the seemingly insurmountable, the band speak to the transformative power of one’s own creativity, and the film tells a compelling tale of resilience and unity in the face of the worst that life can give you.    

Director: Rosie Baldwin

Writer: Rosie Baldwin

: Rosie Baldwin

Runtime: 40´

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Kalamata 22/1 (21:30)

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