Are you going to school today?

Are you going to school today?

A 10 year-old girl, Anjali, living in a village in Rajasthan in Western India, likes going to school and dreams of joining a hostel in a distant town in the coming year. For a child living in a village, what could school mean? Conversely, what does not going to school mean especially for girls?

The film takes us to rural government schools in the predominantly tribal district of Dungarpur in southern Rajasthan. We see children coming from difficult contexts with very limited material resources, absentee fathers and younger siblings to look after.

Director: Anupama Srinivasan

Writer: Anupama Srinivasan


Runtime: 59’

Country of Origin: India

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Argos 19/1 (11:00), Patra 19/1 (17:00), Tripoli 18/1 (14:00), Kalamata 26/1 (11:00), Xylokastro 26/1 (11:00)

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