Apex Survival – Maiden Voyage

Apex Survival – Maiden Voyage
An inspiring global team of shark experts and conservationists, dominated by strong, smart and independent women, join forces and follow a migratory route of the Great White sharks.There is not an animal we fear more, and understand less, than the Great White shark. Once home of the highest population of Great White sharks in the world, the cold and stormy South African waters are almost void of Great Whites.What are the mysteries underlying their disappearance? What are the consequences of their near extinction?Are there solutions?;  

Director: Jakes Jordaan, Johnny Beechler

: Jakes Jordaan

Runtime: 60´

Country of Origin: Νότια Αφρική

Year: 2019

Screenings:  Καλαμάτα 19/1 (11:00)

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