Alla Zingara

Alla Zingara

. Alla Zingara documentary tells the story of music’s groundbreaking and uplifting power which creates entity through the history of the world-famous, but uniquely 100-Member Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra and its extraordinary musicians. In the film we have a chance to follow some musicians of the 100-Member Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, get to know their life in details, and come to understand the meaning of music in their life as a heritage, which has always helped to survive the difficulties from generation to generation. While introducing the everyday life of the musicians, the documentary gives an insight into the orchestra's months-long effort to prepare for their next concert in Moscow, which was a highlighted place of their success several years ago.

Director: Glória Halász

: Gábor Osváth

Runtime: 62´

Country of Origin: Hungary

Year: 2019


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