Lea Tsemel is a Jewish-Israeli lawyer who has represented Palestinian defendants in court for nearly 50 years, without prejudice: from feminists to fundamentalists; from non-violent demonstrators to armed militants. A touching portrait of a woman who dedicated her life to the quest for justice, a tireless defender of human rights.  

Golden Alexander & FIPRESCI Prize @ Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2019
Best Feature-Length Documentary @ Krakow Film Festival 2019
Jury Prize @ Hong Kong International Film Festival 2019
Best Israeli Film @ DocAviv Film Festival 2019
Best Documentary Feature Film @ Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2019

Director: Rachel Leah Jones & Philippe Bellaiche

Writer: Rachel Leah Jones

: Home Made Docs, FilmOption, Close Up Films

Runtime: 110′ 

Country of Origin: Israel, Canada, Switzerland

Year: 2019

Screenings: Argos18/1 (21:00), Xylokastro 25/1 (20:30), Patras 23/1 (20:30), Kalamata 21/1 (20:30) 

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