4 Levels of Existence

4 Levels of Existence

Christos, Nikos, Thanassis and Marinos were the music band 4 Levels of Existence. Once separated, here they are now, just the three of them, reuniting after 40 years. The reason is their one and only album, which had an incredible journey from the shelves of the Athenian record shops to the hands and ears of Kanye West and Jay-Z.

The documentary was honored with the Panhellenic Film Critics Association Award, at the 21st Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

Director: Iliana Danezi

Writer: Iliana Danezi

: Marina Danezi – Laika Productions

Runtime: 74´

Country of Origin: Greece

Year: 2019


Kalamata 23/1 (20:00)


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