Film Club of Gythion






9:00    Tale of two mozzies | Jannik Hastrup – Flemming Quist Møller (75’)
10. 00    Dare to Voyage | Ross Shakin, Dominique Görlitz (52′) 


18.00    Sonita | Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami (90′)

After her family attempts to sell her into marriage, a young Afghan refugee in Iran channels her frustrations and seizes her destiny through music. Grabbing the mic, she spits fiery rhymes in the face of oppressive traditions.

19.30    Guerrilla Voices | Sjoerd van Grootheest (74’) 

By the time the peace agreement between the Colombian government and FARC-EP was signed (December 2016), a group of more than 200 rebels of the 6th Front entered a Transition and Normalisation Zone in Monteredondo, Cauca. The filmmaker entered this camp in January 2017 and followed several FARC rebels in their demobilisation process throughout the coming year.

21.00    So help me god | Yves Hinant, Jean Libon (100′)

In this unapologetic and politically incorrect portrait, an extraordinary and eccentric Belgian judge takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life criminal investigations. The stranger-than-fiction documentary makes for a wild and riveting ride.

18.00    Almost Heaven | Carol Salter ( 72′) 

Far from home, 17-year-old Ying Ling practices for her examination to become a mortician at one of China's largest funeral homes. The everyday routine of this unusual occupation also serves up both humorous and life affirming moments

19.30    BIR | Veysi Altay (73′) 

In the 1990s many people in Kurdistan were taken into custody and interrogated under torture; their killers disposed of the bodies by throwing them out of helicopters, or burying them in acid-filled wells. Thousands were murdered/disappeared by paramilitary forces—such as Jitem and Hizbul-Kontra—that were financed and supported by the state, though they have always stuck to the line: “We didn’t do it.”

21.00    Queen Mimi | Yaniv Rokah (75′)

Αναγκασμένη στα 50 της να ζει στο δρόμο, η Μίμι βρίσκει το “σπίτι” της σε ένα καθαριστήριο της Σάντα Μόνικα, το οποίο έχει κάνει καταφύγιο τα τελευταία 20 χρόνια. Η αγάπη της Μίμι για το… ροζ, το να ζει χωρίς να κοιτάει πίσω, την… εκτόξευσαν από άστεγη στα κόκκινα χαλιά του Χόλιγουντ.

18.00    Acha Acha Cucaracha | Mario Piazza  (75′)

In 1979, at time of a cruel dictatorship, Cucaño emerged in the city of Rosario, Argentina. A group of experimental art integrated by very young young people, their action gave some light to the ominous darkness of those times. Today in their fifties, its former members reclaim those actions of their first youth and persist, each of them in his/her own way

19.30    Transitory lives | Dimitris Labridis, Thomas Kunstler (55′) **director will be present**

A journey documentary about three characters, Ali, Amjad and Ahmad, and their transition into a new life. But how long can they wait for it to begin?

20.30    The Panguna Syndrome | Olivier Pollet (60’)

On the island of Bougainville, an autonomous region of Papua New Guinea, the revolt continues. The Bougainville Crisis, a war waged by colonial powers to crush the indigenous resistance and protect their interests in the giant mine of Panguna may only be the tip of the iceberg.

18.00    Stranger in Paradise | Guido Hendrikx (60′)

In a classroom newly arrived refugees learn a lesson about multifarious Europe. Operating at the intersection of fiction and documentary, Stranger in Paradise reflects on the power relations between Europeans and refugees in a candid fashion

19.00    The last guardians |Joe Tucker, Adam Punzano (45’) 

Two tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon struggle to preserve their culture and way of life against the encroachment of oil companies. 'The Last Guardians' offers a unique insight into the way that indigenous people live and see the world, and also a warning of what the world stands to lose if their rights and beliefs are not respected.

20.00    Me and my shadow: A documentary film about Nikos Papazoglou | Ioannis Grigoropoulos, Michalis Aristidou (100’)

A group of friends begins a journey to get to know Niko Papazoglou, the person behind the music. Τhey visit the places where he lived, loved, and composed. A road trip all over Greece – from Athens to Nisyros and Thessaloniki, guided by music.

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