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Σελίμ Γιλντίζ

Selim Yıldız, was born in Van, Bahçesaray in 1985. He lived in Bahçesaray until his high school education. Between 2007-2010, he studied in the field of documentary photography in Istanbul Free University. Until 2013, he did 3 personal documentary photography works and was exhibited in many different countries and galleries. His photographs were included in 13 group photography exhibitions. After the 2011 Van Earthquake, he worked as an instructor of Anadolu Kültür and conducted two different workshops with hundreds of children in tent cities. Between 2012 and 2014, he pioneered the photography workshop called Good To Have You Workshop with 60 children in Roboski Village of Şırnak. The works from the photography workshops with children were exhibited in many places and the catalogs were printed and distributed. In 2014, he was on the Şengal Mountain for his photographic work on the Êzidi Genocide, which he called Êzidi Migration In 2013, he finished his first documentary film entitled In 2015, his second film Bîra Mi Têtin(I Remember) about the Roboski Massacre was shown at several international film festivals and received awards. In 2019, he participated in international festivals with his film Dialogue and received many awards.


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