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Μουράτ Γιουκσέλ

Murat Yüksel was born in 1988 in Osmaniye, he lives in Mardin. He is a graduate of the Afyon Kocatepe University Department of Food Technology. He works as a public officer at the Mardin Dargeçit Provincial National Education Directorate, and contributes as a citizen journalist to various web sites. Murat’s family is originally from Dersim, and their history features many stories of forced migration, and Murat is interested in people forced into exile by the State and also, issues of identity. Onur Tekin was born in 1990 in Istanbul, he lives in Çanakkale. He is a student at the Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Department of Ceramics. He has taken part in various culture and arts projects. He believes that the stories of people whose voice has been silenced is worth telling. Zehra Güzel was born in 1988, in Urfa and continues to live here. She is a graduate of the Mustafa Kemal University Faculty of Education Department of Teacher Training in Painting. Zehra works as an art teacher at a secondary school, and has taken part in many exhibitions. She is interested in refugees and the issue of migration, and also stories of ordinary people. The team, in İmbros, went after the traces in the memory of the residents of Gökçeada and its recent history.


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