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Σπύρος Πανταζής

Spyros Pantazis is an animator, director and graphic designer. He studied graphic design and animation at the department of Graphic Arts & Art Studies at Athens University of Applied Sciences and is a graduate of the Master of Arts "Digital Arts" of Athens School of Fine Arts. He is a collaborator and member of the audiovisual producers team of the Master of Arts "Digital Arts" and also a founding member of the artistic team "Synarmogi". In 2017, he founded the production company "Clayreel", through which he has directed numerous advertising and corporate videos. His projects have been screened at festivals and group-exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Deconstuction »2D animation, Anima Syros (Ermoupolis, Athens, 2012), Balkanima (Belgrade, 2015)," The Circle "2D animation, Anima Syros (Ermoupolis 2013), World Animation Day at the French Institute (Athens, 2013), City routes »video art, participation in the group exhibition" e-POP vol.6 "Project Space, Six dogs (Athens, 2013), "Jean RACINE: AnPheBe, my only mistake ... immeasurable love" video art, on the stage of Beton 7 (Athens, 2015), "Linear fragments of time" archeological documentary, screening at the Swedish Institute Athens. Participation in the group exhibition "70 years of Greek animation" (Athens, 2015), 7th International Video Poetry Festival, 6th Athens International Digital Film Festival (Athens, 2017), "Filio Haidemenou" video art, at the Veaki Theater (Athens, 2017), "Passageway" presentation in Trianon by Music is Network (Athens 2017), presentation at ROMANTZO as part of the Ubique Showcase at Romantso (Athens 2019), "Aimai-je un rêve?" Documentary, 7th International Video Poetry Festival ATHENS (Athens, 2018), "NI KADIR" Participation in the Lullaby Project by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Carnegie Hall and El Sistema Greece in the Stavros Niarchos Hall of the National Opera (Athens) New York 2018), "How many hugs" 2D animation 13th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (Los Angeles, 2019).


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