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Louise Heem

Louise Heem

Former language teacher and protection officer in charge of the instruction of asylum requests, Louise Heem has lived in about 50 countries and spent some time as a volunteer in refugee camps.

Quadrilingual interpreter in French, English, Spanish and Italian, she works mainly as a community interpreter, but also in other contexts and during conferences. She is currently learning the Palestinian and Moroccan dialects as well as modern standard Arabic.

She started her career in theatre in 2007 and cinema in 2011. Since then she has been taking part in international productions in France, Germany, Iran and Palestine.

Thanks to her different experiences and knowledge acquired in the field, she tends to gravitate towards projects dealing with totalitarianism, racism, differences, homophobia, separation, family, war and exile.

In 2016, El día de la virgen, her first short-film as scriptwriter and director where she played the main role of Sarah was screened for its Première during Gaza Red Carpet Human Rights Film Festival. The movie was screened in 31 countries and rewarded in 4 festivals.

In 2019, she writes Melchior and participates in the production forum of Berck 15th International Film Festival.

In 2020, she finishes Juan, her first feature documentary shot in France and Paraguay and films Corona Paris/Gaza during the lockdown.


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