Tributes 2016

/ Film director & producer


The Wind in our Sails
At the boat yard on the island of Syros, our caique, the “Zeppos” awaits us. It was built in 1912 by Captain Andreas Zeppos and sung about by the great rebetikomusician yannis Papaioannou. “When it comes to fishing, I’m an artist,” Papaioannou used to say. “I grew up at sea and I was taught by Zeppos, the best fisherman in the world.” The caique is given a new lease on life at the boat yard, where we meet Dimitris Mavrikos, the last in a long line of wooden boat builders, and witness the extraordinary event of the breaking of the caiques. An age-old art that both the rich and the poor loved for many centuries, boat building is becoming extinct at the turn of the new century…

Captain Nikolas
A sponge diver from the island of Kalymnos, suffering from the bends, half-paralyzed, Captain Nikolas travels across the Aegean in his caique. All alone, with a crew of two rabbits, he continues to dive for sponges the old fashioned way. The “Zeppos” follows and records the solitary course of this timeless figure, this guru of nomadic life, the legendary Captain Nikolas the monk.

Captain Manolis Saroukos
Captain Manolis is the owner of the historic “Gagava” boat “Irene”, one of the last and rare traditional boats of the Aegean. He is a living library of experience about sponge fishing and with a special artistic skill he paints moments of folk tradition and sponge fishing that he very well knows. He lives on his boat for 6 months every year, travelling with his wife, selling his sponges and paintings. “Zeppos” follows “Irene” in the islands of the Aegean and records moments from the life of a unique Captain and Artist.

The Fishermen of Naousa
“Zeppos” is travelling through the Aegean while following three Fishermen from Naousa, their relationship with their boats, the sea, fishing… What is different in the sea in the beginning of this ne century… What will be done in the future… A unique sea journey with three fishermen legends from Naousa of Paros.