Seminars 2015


  1. Tribute to the French Director Simone Bitton

The internationally recognized director Simone Bitton will attend the festival and will give a three-hour master class for young artists. The young film directors who mostly come from Athens and already acclaimed artists will be able to talk with the director who has a little visited our country. She says that is of particular interest for her to attend the entire festival week of Greek documentary.

Screening 3 of her best documentary. The tribute will take place in collaboration with the French Institute. The director Yiannis Tritsibidas will be charged with the coordination of the tribute.


Master class from Simone Bitton on the subject “Filming Israeli- Palestinian reality”.

Simone Bitton was born in Morocco on 1955.

She is an Israeli and French citizen and also sees herself as a Moroccan native, Jew and Arab. She was graduated from the French Institut des Hautes Etudes Cinematographiques (IDHEC) in 1981 and directed more than 15 documentary films. Her work varies in style from historical research into frontline reportage and intimate portraits of important writers, artists, and political figures. All of the films reveal the deeply personal and professional commitment to present the best complex histories and cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. Many works have been broadcast on European, Arab and Israeli TV and provoked intense discussions on all sides of the conflict in the Middle East.

The films of Simone Bitton have gained many awards, including among many others the Special Jury Prize of the Sundance Film Festival and the César Award for her film “Wall”.

Selected Filmography

Rachel / 2009
Mur/Wall / 2004
Citizen Bishara / 2001
Ben Barka / 2001
The Bombing / 1998
Mahmoud Darwich: As the Land is the Language / 1997
Palestine: Story of a Land / 1993
Daney/Sanbar: North-South Conversation / 1993
Great Voices of Arabic Music / 1990

  1. Tribute to Austrian documentary.

Within the context of the International Documentary Film Festival will take place a special tribute to the Austrian Documentary Film in collaboration with the writer and journalist of the Austrian television ORF, Christian Rathner. The tribute to the Austrian documentary is under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy in Greece. Representatives of the Embassy will attend the tribute. It will be screened the following four documentaries of the award-winning Austrian film directors.

Greece in Bloom of Fabian Eder

Where all the young girls have gone of Christian Rathner

Darwin’s nightmare of Hubert Sauper

“Attention. A life in extreme” of Sascha Koellnreitner

The coordination of the tribute will be the film director Christos Karakepelis.


The Austrian Christian Rathner is a writer and director of the Public Austrian TV ORF. Philhellene, he has visited many times Greece and accepted with pleasure our invitation to attend the International Documentary Festival. Recently, he published a book entitled “Durch die Krise kommt keiner allein. Was Griechenland Europa lehrt “(Nobody overcomes the crisis alone. Greece teaches Europe) for the writing of which he did a research locally in many different parts of Greece. One of his essential formalities is that “the case of Greece shows that the problem is not Greek, but European and that the crisis can only be addressed through the solidarity of the European countries”.

The seminar “Making documentaries” he will give will have a duration 6 hours (two three-hour) on Monday 26 and Tuesday, January 27th. It focuses also on television and film documentary differences.

  1. Master class from Manos Papadakis, film director of the documentary Expropriation

Subject: The independent socio-political documentaries and its impact on society. Duration:120΄

The documentaries cases: “A HOLE IN THE WATER”, where a huge road project was canceled although it had already begun, “OUT FROM OUR CLOTHES”, where 16 days after the projection, the mayor of that time announced the creation of bicycle lanes and a few months later he realized the project and “EXPROPRIATION” where, for the first time, after almost 50 years of division, the people of Eordea, where are located the lignite mines and factories PPC, unified they are claiming their rights.

In the master class we will talk about how these documentaries have worked to the benefit of their subject. We’ll talk about the moral of the author towards the subject, the spectator and himself, the exposure limits of our subject and of ourselves, the documentation, the liability, and also what it means the aspect of the author, the truth, the lies and if there is an objectivity.

It will also be mentioned, issues related to the topic, research, photography, montage, form, content etc.


  • At the master class will be answered the participants’ questions.
  • It will be projected snapshots of the documentary.
  • It is useful the participants at the master class to have seen the ‘EXPROPRIATION’.
  • At the end it can be provided a certificate of attendance (it is important for students and young filmmakers).
  1. Workshop of film direction – “I’ll make my own movie: The independent cinema in Greece today” presented by the film directors Dimitris  Bavellas (Runaway day) & Giorgos Georgopoulos (Tungsten). (Kalamata, Friday 23/01/15)

Taking as example and starting with their award-winning full-length films Runaway Day and Tungsten, film directors will talk about the creative challenges and the extra difficulties that a filmmaker is asked to pass in order to realize his dream. To make a film in contemporary Greece.

Workshop duration: 3 hours

  1. Workshop for young actors entitled IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA

How much a young actor is prepared to stand in front of the camera? How different is the ambience of a film making from the theater stage? How an actor can acquire his first movie experience before facing a casting?

These questions and many other will be answered at the workshop organized by the creative documentary Centre within the International Documentary Festival of Peloponnese.

The educational course will be completed in four three-hour meetings in which the theoretical presentation will be followed by a practice in real filming conditions and the possibility of creating a personal DEMO DVD.

The film director Alexis Tsafas is the person in charge of the laboratory.

6.Workshop for educators: At school with comics!

Comics consist one of the most widespread and effective educational tool. In schools, public and school libraries all over the world, every day are developed, new programs using the 9th Art. What happens, however, in Greece? This workshop aims to register and to discuss how we can integrate the comics in the classroom and to take advantage as efficiently as possible, of this creative mean.

7.Tribute to the Greek animation movies

Supervision of the educational animated documentary: Vassilis Kroustallis. Ionian University, Artistic Director of “Be there! Corfu Animation festival”  

In 2015, it is 70 years from the first Greek animation production. A Greek cartoonist Stamatis Polenakis (1908-1997) drew and directed the first Greek animated cartoon entitled “Il Duce narrates” in 1942 while the filming was done in 1945.

Greek and foreign animation movies will be projected during the tribute. Introductor V. Kroustallis

8.Comics Expo. Expo in Open Air 5

Part of the Expo in Air 5 presented in Comicdom Spring 2014 organized by Comicdom Press, is presented during the Festival. The exhibition presents recognized and younger artists from the world of comics and iconography.

Curated by: Lida Tsene. PhD Department of Communication, Media and Culture, Panteion University. The comic expo will be conducted in cooperation with Comicdom Athens.

9 . Special tribute and Discussion

Amateur film archives and their use in research and documentary production

Coordinator: Nikos Mitrogiannopoulos, president of the society “THE ANONYMOUS – AMATEUR AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL ARCHIVE”

The civil non-profit company “OF THE ANONYMOUS – AMATEUR AUDIOVISUAL MATERIAL ARCHIVE” was founded in Athens in 2002. It’s goals are the preservation, publicizing and study of greek amateur cinema. At this moment the company owns amateur films of a duration of more than fifty hours. In February 2009 took place an “opening” towards the photographic and audio files. The company “Of the anonymous” is a member of the European Association Inedits (it must be noticed that it is the only member in Greece and the Balkans) participating in almost all conferences that have taken place since 2001 onwards.