Profile of the International Documentary Film Festival of Peloponnese
This is a documentary film festival with an emphasis on European documentary with
tributes, parallel events, educational zone, seminars and masterclasses. The main
festival is held in the last ten days of January in Kalamata and part of the program is
also shown in other cities in the Peloponnese. Of all the actions over the years, our
goal is to bring the uninitiated audience into contact with the cinematic genre of the
documentary. Our priority is for the young audience to come into contact with the
documentary and to actively and creatively engage with this by giving it the original
motivation to create its own productions. Also, through the festival, we want to
upgrade the cultural life of the wider region, to give the opportunity to a large group
of people who have no access to cinemas or other major festivals to get acquainted
with domestic and European cinematographic production.
Special seminars are organized at each festival for adults. The following events have
been held to date:
1) script writing where four scenarios for short films were produced.
2) Introductory seminar on documentary filmmaking by Austrian Christian Rathner.
3) masterclass by Simone Bitton “filming the Israeli-Palestinian reality”.
4) A seminar for amateur actors headlined in front of the lens
5) Animation in schools, seminar for teachers.
6) Visual Anthropology Seminar by Norwegian Frode Storaas
7) Cooperative approaches to cinema by German Martin Gruber
8) Introductory seminar on fiction filmmaking by Giorgos Georgopoulos and Dimitris
9) Ecological documentary by Manos Papadakis.
10) "Amateur film archives and their use in the research and production of
documentaries" by Nikos Mitroyannopoulos

11) Techniques of stop motion animation by Thomas Kunstler
12) Documentary and Human Rights by Daniel Burkholz
13) Modern documentary production. The development of the documentary in Asian
countries by Rajesh James
14) Anatomy of a perfect documentary. What is his future? by Richard Martin-Jordan
15) Fundamentals of the documentary through the filming of a refugee camp by
Lucas Jedrzejak
In addition to festivals, in April-May 2014 and 2015, documentary production
seminars specially adapted for primary school children in 5 schools in Kalamata were
The first effort outside Kalamata took place in May 2015 in 4 elementary schools in
Messinia, in Aristomenis, Valyra, Eva and Messina, where the documentary
"Sunflower seeds" by Antonis Tolakis was screened, while Pylos, Methoni, Koroni
and Chora presented award-winning student documentaries school bullying
<bullying>. In both actions the pupils' participation was impressive. The movement
of pupils in remote areas is difficult and they do not have the opportunity to attend
the Festival. This action, which is an integral part of the Festival and its objectives,
also gives children and teachers the opportunity to develop an appropriate dialogue.
July 2015 3-day music documentaries in collaboration with the festival Seeyousound
festival in Turin, Kalamata, Finikounda and Amaliada
July 2016 3-day music documentary in Kalamata in collaboration with Lucas Maurer
producer of Austrian TV OKTO and film critic
In April 2017 (19-22 April) in Kalamata, four-day screenings of archaeological and
historical documentaries
The Festival is organized by the Creative Document Center of Kalamata, an artistic
non-profit organization founded to promote documentary art, to organize
documentary festivals, educational programs, artistic exchanges and the operation
of a documentary production workshop. Its members are mainly filmmakers and
The Creative Document Center has a continuous annual presence, organizing a
variety of other events in relation to this cinematic genre.