History and profile of the Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival

It is a Festival of feature documentaries which emphasizes on European documentary with masterclasses, retrospectives, parallel events, educational screenings, seminars and so on. The main Festival will take place during the last 10 days of 2017 in five cities around Peloponnese, still centred in Kalamata. Before and after the Festival several events are going to be held, such as four days of Music Documentaries in Summer 2016, screenings of educational documentaries in the schools of the region and School Student Documentary Festival in April 2017.

Our target for performing all those events and screenings is to attract to the genre the audience that is not familiar with the documentary format. Our main priority is to bring the young audience close to the documentary genre and to urge it to get creatively involved with it. We will provide the basic knowledge in order for the youth of the region to create their documentaries. Through the Festival, we aim to upgrade the cultural interest in the region. More, we intend to give the opportunity to a large part of the population that doesn’t have access to cinemas or Festivals to get in touch with the national and international documentary production.

The first Festival (named then 1st Documentary Panorama in Kalamata) was held in January 2014 only in this particular city with an attendance of approximately 5500 viewers. The second Festival (named 1st International Peloponnese Documentary Festival 2015) was held in five cities (Kalamata, Tripolis, Sparta, Megalopolis, Amaliada) and was attended by 8200 people. The third Festival (2ndInternational Peloponnese Documentary Festival) was held in four cities (Kalamata, Argos, Skala Lakonias, Amaliada) and was attended by 9000 people. For the next Festival that will be held in Kalamata, Amaliada, Argos. Skala Lakonias and Patras, the attendance is expected to exceed 10000 viewers.

In every Festival we organize seminars addressed to adults. Until now, the following seminars/masterclasses have been held:

  1. Scriptwriting seminar where four short film scripts were eventually produced.
  2. Introduction to Documentary Filmmaking by Austrian Director and Journalist Christian Rathner.
  3. Masterclass by Simone Bitton on how she filmed Israeli-Palestinian reality
  4. Masterclass on Ecological Documentary by Manos Papadakis
  5. “Acting in Front of the lense”, seminar for amateur actors
  6. Seminar on Animation for school teachers
  7. Seminar on Visual Anthropology by FrodeStoraas
  8. “Collaborativeapproachesincinematography”by German MartinGruber
  9. “I will make a film on my own”: Seminar on independent filmmaking by GiorgosGeorgopoulos and Dimitris Bavellas.


Apart from the Festival, on Arpil and May 2014-2015 there have been held introductory seminars on documentary filmmaking, specially designed for children in 5 elementary schools in Kalamata. For student audiences, there is a special educational zone during the Festival, each day from 09:00 to 13:00 where national and international documentaries are being screened, with the attendance of the directors. Only in this year’s educational zone in Kalamata, the attendance raised up to 3500 students.

The screenings are held in halls that can accept up to 250 persons, and the rest of the activities take place in various other locations around the city.

Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata
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