Film Submissions for the 5th Peloponese International Documentary Festival

The Peloponese International Documentary Festival would like to announce that the submissions of documentaries for the next festival has begun.

Specifically, through platform, those interested can submit their film for the next, 5th Peloponese International Documentary Festival – which will take place on 18-27 January 2019 – up until August 20th. Peloponnisos International documentary Festival – FilmFreeway

Creators who are unable to use the platform are given the opportunity to submit their films, strictly until the end of September, at the email:, or after contacting the festival artistic director ms Gina Petropoulou (email:

It is noted that this year the festival’s central feature will be about gender equality.


In order to be accepted, greek submitted documentaries have to have english subtitles, while all foreign documentaries must have subtitles in both english and greek. Otherwise, the cost of the translation of english subtitles into greek, depending on the film’s length, ranges from 20 to 30 euros.


The Peloponese International Documentary Festival, with the collaboration of the General Secretariat for Gender Equality (GSGE) and the Center for Research on Equality, will award two films:


1. Establishing of a gender equality award

As promoting of gender equality is considered, among other things, the promotion of positive alternative gender relations or gender identities models, elimination/subversion of gender stereotypes,the identification and removal of gender-based discriminations, promotion of the rights and struggles of women.

This award may be given to both female and male creators whose artistic work (content, the film’s style ) meets the above requirements.


2 Production award (for greek documentary)

For the artistic work production award the manner of the film’s making will also be considered in accordance with the following. Rewarding of the manner of production, the application of equal treatment principles for those working in the film (equal participation of men in the creation of the film as is stated in the information submitted at the festival).


  • Viewers’ award for the best greek and foreign documentary of 1000 euros each.