29-30 July: Travel / tourist documentaries screenings





The “Amorgos Film Festival” is an International Tourism Film Festival, taking place annually on Amorgos island during the works of the “Amorgos International Convention for Culture & Tourism” and is organized by the Women’s Cultural Association of Tholaria – Amorgos.

The Amorgos Film Festival travels to Kalamata displaying award-winning documentaries and tourist films from around the world!
Within the framework of collaboration with other international film festivals, the International Documentary Film Festival of Peloponnese organizes a two-day screenings of tourism and travel documentaries. Short documentaries from all corners of the world will take us to places we may never be able to visit. From the Fiji Islands in the Himalayas and from Brazil to Bali, an amazing travel of images and a small taste of unique cultures.

29 July 7am-9pm In the Railway Park (films are screened with English subtitles)
30 July, 9am – 11pm, in the courtyard of Boukadoura in the port park. (films are screened with Greek subtitles). In the middle of the screenings there will be a discussion on “Travel and travelers” that will be coordinated by the journalist Thanassis Pantes.

The Peloponnese International Documentary Festival is organized by the Creative Documentary Center of Kalamata. The Amorgos Film Festival is an International Festival of Tourist Cinema organized every year on the island of Amorgos during the work of the International Convention on Culture and Tourism in Amorgos and is organized by the Women’s Cultural Association of Tholaria Amorgos.



29 July Street Festival

Dancing with your dreams  14’

Papa Machete  11’

Train Surfers  14’

Indlandis  7’04

The Altai traverse 5’

Benares  7’53

Garuda – Bali  5’08



30 July  Boukadoura

Kerala  India  3’

Essence of Lefkada  2’28

Pelion 4’

An Alpine sense  2’14

Azores  1’ 44

This is Minho Pertugal 2’44

Keeping London moving  2’28

Centro Portugal  2’18

Discussion- intermission 15 minutes

Perou  26’

Rwanda  8’40

A sense of wonder  3’13

I am Domenica  2’ 28

River of Eden – Fidji  5’11