Wednesday, February 7th

 4 pm  Touch of an Angel  (60’)

Marek Tomasz Pawlowski

I would like to present for your consideration my most recent documentary “Touch of an Angel”, which took five years to produce. I searched all over the world for documents to prove the truth of this story. It’s a very personal, poetic tale of a deaf man who returns to the places where he found refuge as a boy. He finds his hiding places bringing back horrific memories. Sounds return to him, which as he describes “shut in him like in a shell”. My hero, Henryk Schoenker, remembers people who consumed by fear refused to help and those who selflessly risked their lives. It’s not just a wartime story but an account of how even the smallest gesture can save a life. The film presents completely unknown facts about the existence of a failed Bureau of Emigration of Jews to Palestine in Auschwitz town, run by Schoenker’s father. What went so terribly wrong in a place which became later infamous for its gas chambers? Schoenker speaks about it boldly, looking directly into the eyes of the viewer. The language of my film is deliberately different. Schoenker is a painter. Art played important role in his family’s history. That’s why I decided to use an innovative language that I call archicollage. It requires viewer’s imagination but I believe that it’s self-explanatory.

I am aware of problems posed by the contemporary world and I use history as a point of reference to deliver a message of universal importance. Schoenker’s story concerns dilemmas facing today’s Europe such as the status of refugees. My film speaks about the consequences when the response comes too late.I hope that you will also find this story deserving your attention.

Marek Pawlowski

5.30 pm Village Potemkin (85’)

Dominikos Ignatiadis

Dominikos, a former drug user, wandering in the collapsing city of Athens with a bike and a “go-pro” camera is meeting friends who are doing the same thing as him – they stay “clean” of substances and they live their life full of consciousness. The joy of using, the collapse, the acceptance of the problem, the recovery. Already “cleansed,” they talk about their way to self-awareness, the redefinition of their values, and their view on life.


7  pm  Αλέξανδρος Βέλιος: Η τελευταία απόφαση/ The last decision (56’)

Antonis Tolakis

Facing his inevitable death, Alexandros Velios has little time to live and no dreams or hopes left. He doesn’t believe in God and he knows there aren’t any miracles coming his way. He spends the last two days of his life arranging his own funeral and bidding his friends, his wife and his children farewell. He has reached his final decision: he will resort to euthanasia, deliberately ending his life.

  * The director will attend the screening

6.45 pm  Γιάννης Δενδρινός / Yiannis Dendrinos (11’)

Philip Koutsaftis

A mini documentary of Philip Koutsaftis about the self-taught artist Ioannis Dendrinos.

The self-taught painter Ioannis Dendrinos comes from a village outside of Kalamata but he has been living in Paros for the last thirty-plus years. He works at construction but paints to ‘feel human’, because he’s got something to say or, as Van Gogh wrote his brother, ‘to keep away from useless things, bad behaviors, temptations and evil things’.

  * The director will attend the screening

8 pm Balkan roots (83’)


Chris (Rabbitt) & Anthony Fletcher

Balkan Roots


Six musicians from across Europe. A Barcelona melting pot. Music from Roma, Klezmer & Balkan traditions…but with a Barcelona twist?

Local masters + a new generation of Balkan musicians.

Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra

Touring the Balkans, playing with the locals, exploring their Balkan Roots.


 9.30 pm  Closing Ceremony

10 pm Euoi Euan concert