Tuesday, February 6th

5 pm Dogs of Democrasy (57’)

Mary Zournazi


Dogs of Democracy is a documentary about the stray dogs of Athens and the people who take care of them. Filmmaker Mary Zournazi explores life on the streets through the eyes of the dogs and peoples’ everyday experience.

Shot in location in Athens, the birthplace of democracy, the documentary is about how Greece have become the ‘stray dogs of Europe’, and how the dogs have become a symbol of hope for the people and for the anti- austerity movement.

A universal story about love and loyalty and what we might learn from animals.


6 pm  Drifting Generation (93’)

Stella Nikoletta Drossa

Thessaloniki 2010-2016. Over six years, the film follows five young women friends of around thirty years old. Daughters of Greek immigrants in Germany, several years ago they returned to their parents’ homeland to study. But in a society that’s falling apart due to the economic crisis, their world is one of countless restrictions. Intimate portraits tell the story of strong women, forced to battle personal crises and strokes of fate. Suddenly, a dramatic event places the director in the middle of Greek reality.

  • The director will attend the screening


7.45 pm  Μέρες της λίμνης / Days of the Lake (48’)

Pandora Mouriki

We, human society, are used to saying: We and Nature. But aren’t we one with Nature and not beside it or across from it? This documentary film, which unfolds around Lake Kerkini, approaches the shared journey of the ecosystem and the inhabitants of the villages near the lake. We focus on Panayotis Chatzigiannidis, who was born, lives and works at Kerkini. We see through his eyes, we follow his and society’s reaction, the various facets of the lake, draining at wintertime and filling up in spring, the birds, the plants and the trees, the people, in a never- ending merging, at once agonizing and beneficial.


8.45 pm   Harvest in New Life (10’)

Antonis Kitsikis

The film is about the gypsy community in Athens, and how they risk their lives to collect recyclable materials to make illicit money. Illiteracy is what leads their community into illegal recycling. As a result of this – they raise the percentage of recycle in the city.

 The director will attend the screening

9 pm Μοίρα / Fate (20’)

Nikos Anagnostopoulos 

I’d go to a house, they’d open the door… they’d let me in the sitting room and I’d see the hand and think, I should come up with a good result so it’ll come true, and I said there’s an obstacle in front of you my girl in your house but slowly with patience it’ll go away, a person in here is bothering you, so indeed out of six people in a house one of them won’t be irritable? To annoy the family? And would start believing it, and they’d go out, ‘Eleni, Maria, Sophia, Katerinio’ they’d call the others… Sometimes the men would come by and say ‘so you believe all this’ and laugh, but no insults, people showed respect…

I knew from my grandma some things that’d come true… I could read a cup without thought… But mother’s milk was good it’d come true… We’d take milk from three mothers with boys, we’d let it ferment, we’d take it to a church for forty days, then bury it in the street and the army would pass for forty days… and we’d get a true reading… Afterwards they’d give me bread, cheese… and so we could raise our children…

The director will attend the screening


9.30 pm   StringLess  (86’)

Aggelos Kovotsos 

An orchestra consists of a guitar, a bass, a piano and drums. Oh, and a singer! Right? Wrong! An orchestra can consist of five solo voices as well! String-less ! Five women, an acapella vocal group from Thessaloniki, trying to survive adversity and the Greek crisis, creating beautiful and alternative music with a female identity. Can they make it

  • The director will attend the screening