Friday, February 2nd

 3 pm  Nobody knows my songs (91)

Zoran Maslic

A photographer enters the world of a homeless punk rocker who is in love and the project turns into a friendship. It becomes an emotional and spiritual quest for the answer to the question of belonging. After 37 years in Canada, this Armenian who grew up in Syria and Lebanon decides to become an immigrant again. Because of the woman he loves, he is moving to Turkey.





4.30 am  Οσον ζεις

Collective work of 20 students of the Seminar of Archaeological Documentary Seminar organized by the Association of Greek Archaeologists.
A funeral song that commemorates life, is the mito that leads us to the discovery of ancient Greek music through scientific research, excavation finds and modern musical performances. Archaeo-musicologists, conservators, organists and musicians from Greece, Austria, Spain and China highlight the universal dimension and the timeless value of the message of life that carries the oldest surviving integral song.


5 pm  Και όμως κινούνται / And yet they move  (29’)

Aris Malandrakis 

Having the black-and-white comedies and dramas of the 1950-1970 period as material, the documentary presents the – early – appearances of cartoons, as well as sketches, which were used in well-known as well as unknown, but timelessly beloved films. Besides cartoons, and moving dolls (puppet animation) which were used in several films, the documentary also anthologizes the humorous sketches that appeared in them, drawn by well-known cartoonists of that time (Archelaos, Vasilis Christodoulou, Bost, Kyr, Minos Argyrakis and others).

  • No english subs available


5.30 μ.μ. Σινέ Θησείο / Cine Thission (52’)

Maria Douza

Cine Thission is a poetic documentary about an old open air cinema in Athens which, despite being situated in the extremely touristy area of the Acropolis, defies modernity and remains strangely timeless. It is not nostalgia one feels here for the old days, nor admiration for the antiquities around, but a visceral sense of the energy that flows through time and connects our lives to the stories we watch, the past to the present, cinema to life.


  • Τhe director will attend the screening


6.30 pm  The wonderfull tapestry of life (34’)

Lia Beltrami


  • Τhe director will attend the screening

On the coast of Ghana, land of ancient kingdoms and route of slaves, there is Anita’s ancestors’ village. Her journey to her origins will bring her to meet the threads of solidarity which give hope to her country and the world.

The encounter with an ancient culture, old and new forms of slavery, universal education, women as leaders, access to health, healthy water and food, memories and hope, faith as the only possibility of true freedom. These are the threads that, intertwined, create the new drawing for a fairer society


7.15 pm  5 short films from Montenegro doc Festival

In collaboration with the Montenegro film festival, the following short films will be screened:
“Close Ties” by Zofia Kowalewska: Having lived eight years with another woman, Zdzislaw is back with his wife, Barbara, and they will soon celebrate their forty-fifth anniversary. Somewhat inexplicably, their relationship perseveres
“Blindly dancing” by Fabio Palmieri: A blind professional dancer has founded the Blindly Dancing Association in 2013 to teach the dance in the dark to everyone.
“The Initiation” by Teboho Edkins: High in the mountains of Lesotho, Mosaku is anxiously awaiting the return of his older brother from an initiation ceremony.
“Keeping Balance” by Bernhard Wegner: Denise, a 20-year-old girl, visits nearly every day the Viennese ‘Prater’ amusement park to take some rides with the electronic ‘Tagada’ carousel because it helps her to get over her difficult past.
“Borders” by Damjan Kozole: The film follows a crowd of refugees and migrants making their way from the Schengen border to the refugee camp in Brežice.
* Art director, Vladimir Perovic and Damjan Kozole, will attend the screenings


8.30 pm   Shingal, where are you, – Πού είσαι Σινγκάλ (103’)

Aggelos Rallis

In 2014, ISIS conquered Shingal and kidnapped 3,000 Yezidi women. In a deserted coalmine on the Turkish border, Yezidi refugees await their safe return. Through the eyes of an old man, a teenage boy and a family, the documentary portrays the burdens and dilemmas of this persecuted religious minority. Inconsolable, the Havind family talks on the phone with their kidnapped daughter and tries to ransom her freedom through a chain of intermediaries. The suffering is made more palpable when the family visits Shingal, which has been reduced to rubble.

  • The director will attend the screening.