Saturday, February 3rd

1  pm  Samuel in the Clouds (Samuel en las nubes) (70’)

Pieter Van Eecke

In Bolivia, the glaciers are melting. Samuel, an old ski lift operator, looks out of a window onto the rooftop of the world. Through generations, his family has lived and worked in the snowy Andes mountains, but now the snow is disappearing. While scientists are discussing and measuring ominous changes, Samuel honors the ancient mountain spirits. Besides, as this poetic documentary reveals, in a universe full of tactile problems and magic allegories, at an altitude of 5,000 meters the world seems infinite and humans seems finite, as clouds continue to drift by…


2.15 pm Rupas boutique (60’)

Glória Halász 


In Rupa’s Boutique there are dreams on the hangers. Dreams that meant hope for the victims of acid attacks even in the worst times. All the girls: Rupa, Soniya, Gita, Neetu, Dolly and Laxmi are back on their feet after their tragedy. They all found a way back to society, became independent and visible. Rupa, living in the city of Agra in India, wanted to be a fashion designer since her childhood. The girl would like to open her own boutique so that she could become independent financially. In the boutique she would like to employ her fellow victims of acid attack. In the film we are getting to know her and her fellow victims’ life stories and dreams, meanwhile they are preparing for a monumental fashion show, where the Rupa designed clothes are showcased by the survivors. According to the activists of Stop Acid Attacks helping the victims, in India there are 3-5 attacks each week. Many victims do not report the crimes to the police because they are afraid of being socially stigmatised. The campaign helps victims to find their way back to society, they have established a crisis centre which provides safe environment for victims, where they can receive medical help and can spend their time in a convenient and useful way. The centre also supports them in unfolding their ambitions be it activist aspirations or working in their café.


3.30 μ.μ. Hell on Earth – The fall Syria and the rise of ISIS  (100’)

Sebastian Junger & Nick Quested

Chronicling Syria’s descent into unbridled chaos and the rise of ISIS, this gripping and insightful work captures the Syrian war’s harrowing carnage, political and social consequences, and, most importantly, its human toll. Academy Award nominated filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested untangle these complex issues to create an informative and compelling documentary, edited from almost 1,000 hours of footage.

5.30 μ.μ. Tériade (75’)

Σίμος Κορεξονίδης

The documentary deals with the life and work of Lesbian art-critic Strati Eleftheriadi – Tériade (Cahiersd’Art, L’intransigeant, LaBeteNoir, Minotaure) and arts book publisher (VERVE, GrandLivres) who reached his highest point in the artistic life of France from the 1920s til the 1960s. Tériade, a friend to the greatest names in Art: Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Chagall, Giacometti, Leger, Juan Gris, Le Corbusier, Ruo, Braque, Eluard, Mijo, Lorance, Cartier Bresson, Bonnard, Villon, Brassai, as well as the Greeks: Elitis, Tsarouhis, N. H. Gikas, Venezis, Kanellis, born at Varia of Lesbos in 1897 (this year marks 120 years since his birth) and died in Paris in 1983. A compatriot of the folk painter Theofilos, whom he met a few years before he died, he helped elevate him by providing him the means (housing, canvasses, colors, money) so that he may create without the stress of making a livelihood. Those paintings by Theofilos survive thanks to Tériade.



7 pm  Every single day/ Κάθε μέρα (56’)

Spyros Gerousis

Every Single Day deals with the everyday challenges and political choices of people coming from the 90s hip hop generation. So far, the Greek generation of the 90s has been one of the crisis’s sacrificial lambs, as collective hopes for a better future and relative prosperity are constantly dashed by political and economic decisions, mainstream media and the everyday challenges of harsh reality. This is a film about retrospection, artistic interpretations of reality and reflection on social and political change.

The director will attend the screening

8 pm  Beatbox και αερόφωνα/ Beatbox and winds (53’)

Gina Georgiadou

  • Director Gina Georgiadou and artist Nikos Diminakis will attend the screening

The film documents and exposes the artistic pursuits and musical experimentation of Nicos Diminakis in Thessaloniki, Greece. On the one hand, it focuses on the process of integration and simultaneous implementation of beatbox in a variety of aerophone instruments (i.e., winds), such as the saxophone, the flute, the didgeridoo, etc. On the other hand, it also presents shows his attempt to convey his passion for experimentation and creativity both to children and other musicians, through his improvisations, original compositions and arrangements.


9  pm Ballad of a Righteous Merchant  (62’)

Herbert Golder

This film is an intimate portrait of legendary visionary filmmaker, Werner Herzog, at work, filmed during the making of My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (2009), shot by that film’s co-writer, a close friend (of 25 years) and long-time collaborator (on 10 films). Unlike other films about Herzog, where he faces the camera and expounds his views, this film provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the master at work, but also, because of the trust between Herzog and Golder, a deeply personal portrait of the man and candid view of him at his craft, while at the same time exploring some of the most abiding and deepest themes of his work.

  • The director will attend the screening

10.15 am Beatbox show by Nikos Diminakis

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