Tribute 2018: Health

One of the tributes of the 2018 Festival is health.
The documentary as a catalyst for discussion, prevention and change
Selected movies that, in the face of a health disorder, compose a work that leads to creative thinking, function and coping. We chose to shine the good practices through the films .
As in all previous hosted events, the festival hosts “specialists” and creators from Greece and abroad and provides a framework for dialogue around the global themes.
In the framework of the tribute, a two-day conference (27 & 28 January) will be organized, with speeches by experts, invited doctors and directors, and discussions with the public.
A total of 15 documentaries on health will be shown.
Our goal is to raise the debate and reflection on the occasion of the screening of the documentaries, as well as to raise the awareness of the public about the issues of health, physical and mental, and consequently the society itself.

The films that will be screened during the tribute:


By Agnes Sklavou, Stelios Tatakis

Boobs… Sweet stories, bitter stories, with a beginning, without an end. Love stories, life stories, childhood stories, old stories. We experience them, we think about them but rarely do we hear them.


The Last Decision

by Antonis Tolakis

Facing his inevitable death, Alexandros Velios has little time to live and no dreams or hopes left. He doesn’t believe in God and he knows there aren’t any miracles coming his way. He spends the last two days of his life arranging his own funeral and bidding his friends, his wife and his children farewell. He has reached his final decision: he will resort to euthanasia, deliberately ending his life.


The faces of lafora

Του Denis Bojic

The documentary “Faces of Lafora” is a film adaptation of a fight for finding a cure for one of the most serious childhood diseases in the world, Lafora disease. This most severe and rarest form of human epilepsy takes lives of children all around the world. Although it has been more than a century since the disease was first described, pharmaceutical companies and public funds were not interested enough in funding the research, because this is a rare disease. All the burden, to fund the research that will help to find a cure for this disease, is on Lafora associations and families around the world whose children are condemned to a death sentence. For each of them, time is running out.
One family decided not to stop until Lafora is erased from the face of the Earth. Fighting against much stronger enemy, the family Gajic from Bosnia and Herzegovina makes the impossible, possible in order to save the lives of their children. On the other side of the world, in Canada, professor Minassian and his team of researchers are trying to find a cure for this deadly disease for more than a decade. Although wounded in the cruellest way you can imagine, the family Gajic, with incredible persistence and superhuman efforts, raise money to find a cure for this disease, thus becoming one of the world’s largest donors.

The efforts of a family to set the planet in motion and the enthusiasm of the world’s leading scientists, will be merged into the incredible power of the human spirit, which push the boundaries in the world of science and shows that nothing is impossible.

From an Academy Award Nominated Director Atom Egoyan

”This film takes us on a journey which is unique, showing a face of humanity and hope which is precious and rare”



byAgnes Boutruche 

Celine van Till was a rider in the Swiss National Equestrian team for dressage when she suffered a severe head injury in a dramatic accident. She was only 16 years old. In a coma for weeks, she awoke without the ability to speak or to walk. Bucéphale is a film about her life, her passion and her destiny. We discover this beautiful young woman and her incredible will to not only survive, but to ride again – and make it to the Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016. How do you reclaim your body after a traumatic injury ? How do you live with an invisible handicap? How strong is your passion, which gives you the energy to face your fear and rise above your limitations? It is a story of a young woman for whom “Anything is possible” is not simply a saying, it is a reality she lives every day.’


House call – Vika

by Asaf Yecheskel 

Terminally ill patients living in Israel can choose to die at home, and have a team made up of a nurse, a doctor and a social worker doing everything possible to support them and their loved ones in the final phase of life. This is the story of Vika, a single young mother with cancer. Her health is deteriorating by the day. We follow her team – nurse Glynis, doctor Roni and social worker Itzik – on their home visits during Vika’s final days.



By Alessandro Quadretti 

“SENSIBILE”(Sensitive) by A. Quadretti – documentary trailer from Officinemedia on Vimeo.

The acronyms MCS and EHS indicates two controversial diseases: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. The former makes patients intolerant to exposure to chemical substances, while the latter to that to electromagnetic fields. What’s more, both diseases sometimes develop together. Remarkably, women account for the 75% of these cases. Still few countries have taken up independent researches to tackle the diseases. There is still some perplexity among scientists about the physiological nature and the toxic-environmental causes of these diseases. The Italian situation is especially complicated, since institutions still do not acknowledge both diseases and patient’s rights. Patients who can afford it are actually forced to go abroad for treatments which are not allowed in Italy. The “alternative” is to give up active life, which means job and social relations.



by Juan Carlos Guerra 

COEXISTENCE shows the relationship that arise between a group of young people with cerebral palsy and students of a secondary school. An enriching and supportive initiative, but at the same time a challenge.


Grey matter

by Rob Maas 

Grey Matter follows two neurosurgeons and their patients during the treatment of brain disorders; besides life and death, personality is at stake.






By Jeannette Louie

A visual experiment to illustrate the tiny part of the brain that orchestrates our emotional life


Two Worlds

By Maciej Adamek

Three people, two ways of perceiving reality and one family. The film is a portrait of deaf parents and their 12-year old daughter. Laura takes on the role of her father and mother’s mouths and ears helping them in everyday activities, such as, for example, buying coal. In the film she is also the medium that, with empathy, introduces the spectator to the daily life of people with disabilities. Not only is she the narrator, but also the transmitter of emotions that could not have found an outlet to the world of the hearing without her assistance.


A Certain Kind of Light

by Brandon Vedder

Wil Alexander has sat at the bedside of the sick and the dying for the last 40 years, inviting the wounded to tell their stories, walking alongside them and aiding in their search for meaning. The film follows Wil as he uniquely cares for sick, wounded and terminal patients without the modern technology or procedures that define most healthcare practice. What sounds like an unrelated and even dangerous distraction from treatment, becomes one of the most powerful tools in restoration.


Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin

By Ted Kay

Freedom from Insulin tells of a breathtaking cure for diabetes and the lives that were changed forever. It is an inspiring, international journey with important Chicago connections. Journey to a Miracle is a rich story about scientific perseverance that has taken decades to write. Through painstaking research, collaboration and heart, an international team of scientists assembled pieces and eventually solved an intricate diabetes puzzle. This work resulted in a monumental breakthrough for many with genetic forms of diabetes. The bold journey made medical history to be sure, but more importantly it created a life-changing miracle for those who have been able to break free from insulin dependence. This medical breakthrough has deeply affected everyone whose lives it has touched.


Little Stars: Accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of serious illness. 

By Mike Hill

Accomplishing the extraordinary in the face of serious illness. Little Stars tells the surprisingly life-affirming stories of young people living with life-limiting illnesses. Against the odds these youngsters are making the most of every moment thanks to the support of their loved ones, working in harmony with passionate ‘palliative care’ teams. Regrettably, not all conditions can be cured. However, many children with life-limiting conditions will live for years, if not decades. Currently, 20 million children can benefit from palliative care, but access remains an issue. But for those who are receiving care, the results are incredible. These remarkable stories show young people finding hope, love, joy and attainment in the face of the inevitable.




By Kalina Bertin

Manic (Kalina Bertin) selected at Hot Docs, Brooklyn Film festival where it won the Doc Spirit Award and which relates the director’s investigation about her father, a guru and father of fifteen, and the heritage of mental illness in her family.


Cause of Death Unkown 

by Anniken Hoel

After her sister died suddenly and unexpectedly while being treated with prescription antipsychotics, director Anniken Hoel begins a global investigation into the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry, the unheralded growth of psychiatric diagnoses and medication, and the corruption of the government regulatory agencies that have failed, repeatedly, to protect us. Made over a ten-year period, the film is simultaneously personal and investigative as it follows Anniken as she seeks answers regarding not only the death of her sister, but of the tens of thousands worldwide who have also met a similar fate. Deaths and damages that until now have been all but ignored. Beginning in a small town in Norway, and journeying through Scandinavia, the EU and the US, the chilling documentary-thriller CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN exposes the inner workings and motivations of a powerful industry that continually puts profits before people, and has been far too influential in defining who is normal and who is “ill”.


I Am Borderline

By Betsy Usher

The title I Am Borderline, is based off of a campaign created By Betsy Usher and Wright Institute Los Angeles. The campaign’s goal is to help reduce the stigma of BPD by asking individuals who identify with the BPD diagnosis to post pictures of themselves showing all of the other talents, labels, and thoughts about who they are. (Ex: I am a teacher). Being diagnosed with BPD does not mean that is all you are, it is only a label.


Is radiation the asbestos of the 21th century?

Του Hjalmar Ilmer 

A documentary where we examine the effects of the radiation of cellphones, wifi and transmission towers on human beings. We follow Electrically Hypersensitive (EHS) Dennis Rietbergen in his search for answers. How bad is radiation? How do people deal with their health issues? What does the government do? Is EHS recognised as a disease? He visits and talks with scientists, doctors and EHS patients in his attempt to confirm the health effects of radiation. We see Dennis trying to get an interview with the big mobile phone providers and the Dutch government, but strikes a lot of resistance. Will Dennis manage to get an honest point of view across?